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  Warlord of Nibblecheese Piñata  

What's a Warlord of Nibblecheese?  Leapin' leptons, man! The Warlords of Nibblecheese are only the most vile infestation of extraterrestrial rodent evil plaguing our galaxy today!  And you call yourself a space hero.  Click here to elevate your education, to improve your intelligence, and to fibrillate your funnybone!  Just remember to come back here when you're done.

We now join the invasion of Earth, already in progress. . .  

Finally, our glorious hour of conquest had arrived.  The Warlords of Nibblecheese were about to attack.

I flew low over the unsuspecting planet Earth, looking for an opportune spot for a first strike.  Earthlings are afraid of their own tiny little Earth mice, so one look at me and they would panic and scatter like. . ., well, like mice, but like little frightened mice, not like big, fearsome, scary mice from outer space like me. 

Peering through the windows of Book People, I saw a target too tempting to pass up.  A bunch of Earth kids playing games, winning prizes, having fun.

Not for long.

I smiled behind my oversized incisors. It was time for me to become an intergalactic party pooper.  I love this job.

  Warlord of Nibblecheese piñata at Book People in Austin, Texas. (but not for long...)    
  Austin kids save planet Earth!  
OUCH!  OW!  Where are this kid's parents?  Ow, stop it!  Who gave this kid a stick?  OUCH!  HELLLLLP!

Better luck next time, verminous hostile alien invaders.  If you ever show your whiskers on our planet again, you either come in peace or leave in pieces!

And if you Earth heroes want to read more about the Warlords of Nibblecheese, check out the second book of the series, The Adventures of Commander Zack Proton and the Warlords of Nibblecheese.

I think I'll go for a walk. A million laughs for just $3.99!

This piñata was made for a June 2007 Zack Proton summer reading party at Book People, the world's best independent book store, located right here in Austin, Texas.


Eyes - ping pong balls

Ears - paper plates

Nose - Styrofoam ball

Teeth - card stock

Sword - cardboard covered with foil


The jet pack was made from empty 2-liter bottles spray painted red and glued to an empty granola bar box that was painted black.  The exhaust pipes coming out of the bottles are black card stock, and the fire is tissue paper.  Yeeouch with the flames on the tail -- sorry 'bout that!


I added customized mouse pads to his space boots because when you're infesting every corner of the universe, style is everything.

The hands were made from latex gloves stuffed with toilet paper.  The sword hand had wires from a shirt hanger hidden within the toilet paper so that the Warlord could hold his sword.  The bent fingers were the only thing keeping the sword in his hand.

The invasion continues!  


I've made two more space mouse piñatas since the party at Book People.  One was destroyed at Maker Faire in October 2007 and the other at the 2008 Spring Texas Book Festival.  These two had more detail to them, including a battery-powered LED space collar.  Click here to see the making of a Warlord of Nibblecheese piñata from start to finish. (It's coming, keep your spacesuit on!)

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