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    Hello Kitty Piñata  
  I didn't really like the idea of my 5-year-old daughter attacking Hello Kitty with a stick, but that's what she wanted.  To this day, I still feel like an accomplice in a brutal crime against lovable international cuteness.

I love you, Hello Kitty! 
Daddy, can I have the stick now?

Hello Kitty's body was an ordinary 12" party balloon, but her head was a punch ball that was squashed into an oval shape.  I kneeled on the punch ball to flatten it, and then slowly rolled the punch ball forward and wound duct tape around it as it rolled forward. There were three parallel windings of duct tape around the punch ball to maintain this shape.  If you look closely, it's not quite oval. The fluffy crepe paper hides many flaws.

The oversize head put a lot of weight on the body underneath.  I had to strengthen the walls of the body to support the weight of the head, but that made the body too tough for 5-year-olds to break.  This situation arises often with large piñatas.  The solution is to make the walls as thick as they need to be, then punch lots of holes in them with a knife. You can see pictures of how this is done on the Make a Zebra page.

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